What should you do if someone has died unexpectedly in your home?
AIf your loved one passes away unexpectedly at home (and they are not under hospice care), the first thing you need to do is call 911. The authorities will come out to be with you and guide you through the immediate first steps. A doctor or medical examiner will need to officially “pronounce” the person dead and record a time of death. You, or a family member, can feel free to call Respectful Cremations for Less at any time during this process for guidance. At the appropriate point, we will work with the authorities and join you on the scene to transport your loved one’s body.
What is a “direct cremation” and why does it cost so much less than going through a traditional funeral home?
AA direct cremation is when we pick up your loved one immediately after they pass and cremate them in the days immediately following, without embalming or a formal funeral service. You may have seen that cremation through funeral homes in Houston can start anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 depending on the funeral home, but the packages from Respectful Cremations for Less are only $675-$775. That’s because through us, you are only paying for the services we provide and not the extra overhead costs that a fancy funeral home is covering. We have a very small, family staff and since direct cremation is all we do, we can handle the process quickly and efficiently to save us both money.
There are several choices for direct cremation companies in Houston? What makes Respectful Cremations for Less different?
AOne thing that is very unique about Respectful Cremations for Less is that our crematory is on-site. That means that once we have your loved one in our care, we don’t have to shuffle them around. Many other companies have to outsource the actual cremation (sometimes to us!).
I’m looking for Respectable Cremations for Less? Is that you?
AYou found us! Respectable Cremations for less is now known as Respectful Cremations for Less.

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