For your convenience, we are pleased to provide all necessary forms online. The Basic information form can be submitted with just a click of a button. All other forms require an actual signature and can be filled out online, printed, and either faxed or emailed back to us.

NOTE:  You must call us first to begin the process before you start the forms, as our email system is not monitored 24 hours a day. A phone call is the only way to assure immediate care.

  • Getting Started

    Please do not begin any forms until you have made contact with our staff via telephone, to ensure the fastest possible service for your family. In addition, not every family will need to do every form.

  • Vital Information

    The Vital Information will collect all of the information necessary to apply for death certificates, alert the Social Security Administration, and complete the process. Please do not begin this form until you have made contact with our staff via telephone. 

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  • Authorization to Cremate

  • Medical Examiner Release

    If your loved one is currently at The Montgomery County Medical Examiner or the Harris County Medical Examiner, we will need you to fill out the corresponding form to allow us to transfer your loved one into our care. The form requires a signature, so please print the form, fill it out, scan it, and return it to us at Joe@darstfuneralhome.comcreate new email.

    • Harris County Medical Examiner Release Form
    • Montgomery County Medical Examiner Release Form
  • Other Forms

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